Our Ethos

Everything we do at iCollege Barcelona is underpinned by our ethos.  We consider that our guiding Mission, Vision and Learning Matrix to be the moral fabric and ambition that directs all proceedings.

Mission Statement – To progressively educate young people to be their better selves and to enhance learning outcomes.

Vision Statement – We strive to unremittingly improve and develop into boundless areas of possibilities through moral leadership and teaching, innovation, evidence-based research and data, and meaningful collaboration. We want to be a ‘green light’ in the development of knowledgeable, accomplished, admirable and fully flourishing young people.

Learning Matrix

At the heart of iCollege Barcelona is our Learning Matrix. 

We consider full human flourishing is the lifelong development of excellences of character, intelligence and intellect.

In modern terms, this can be related to the improvement of values, skills and knowledge.  Yet, we believe that human flourishing is considerably deeper, inextricable and a continuous lifelong pursuit. Please read full description here: