General Questions

What is iCollege Barcelona?
We are a new concept international school in Barcelona seeking to progressively educate students to become their better selves. iCollege Barcelona is part of the ‘New International College Education,’ ‘NICE’ initiative.

Where is iCollege Barcelona based?
iCollege Barcelona is set within innovation coworking learning school at the Talent Garden Barcelona. Lessons will be taught and scheduled using with a mixture of modern classrooms, seminar rooms and open plan professional study areas.

Is iCollege Barcelona a traditional school?
We offer the prospective for students to complete formal world-renowned qualifications to enter higher education and the world of work. Our learning approach blends the best in person evidenced based teaching with modern virtual learning provisions. Our learning environment is situated in a modern innovation coworking school. We consider iCollege Barcelona blends the best learning delivery for many teenage students wishing to progressively mature and be better equipped for higher education and young adulthood.

Is iCollege Barcelona accredited?
We are in the process of being an accredited international school.

What are the college hours?
Regular college hours are from: 9:30am to 5:30pm. Timetables will be tailored to fit individual needs and college scheduling where necessary.

How many students in a class?
We aim to keep class sizes to a maximum of 15-18 students per subject class.

How will students be organised?
We offer the chance for all our students to naturally integrate and develop healthy friendships across both learning pathways. However, students will be given the appropriate dispensations depending on age and study level where necessary.

What will be the ratio of international students at iCollege Barcelona?
We are open to accommodate any student from any nationally wishing to progressively develop and learn.

How will new students be welcomed into iCollege Barcelona?
There will be induction days for all new students prior to starting in September. Where students enrol at different stages during the academic year, dedicated induction time will be allocated to ensure that all students are prepared and comfortable. In addition, study peers will be assigned where appropriate to accommodate new students.

How long does the admissions process take?
Not long. Please see more here:

We will not be able to travel to Barcelona in person. Will this be a problem?
No. Admission steps can be completed remotely.

What is the difference between the British and the American study pathways?

There are a few distinct differences.  First, British iGCSE subject disciplines are usually taught in more of a holistic manner by developing both knowledge and skills over the course of two academic years (5 ‘terms’ of learning).  Whereas the American High School Diploma is more of a liner design by studying ‘class by class’ within each subject area over the course of usually four academic years (8 semesters of learning).         

Second, the American High School Diploma requires studying a broad-based curriculum up until the age of 18-19 years of age covering various subject disciplines.  Conversely, British A-Level learning (16-19 years of age after iGCSE learning) is considerably more specialised and significantly pitched at a higher academic level into only 3 or 4 subject areas.  Thus, a board education is realised at the age of 16 within the British system and not at 18 like in the American model.     

Third, the British pathway (both at iGCSE and A-Level stages) consists of external summative examinations for each subject area from independent examinations boards to achieve final grading.  However, the American High School Diploma consists of continued formative teacher assessed grading ‘class by class’ during each semester with a culminated grade point average.   

What study pathway is best to pursue?

Both study pathways are world-renowned and widely accepted to enter higher education and the world of work.  Much depends on a number of factors for each individual student and these will be discussed during the enrolment stage.

Is it possible to change from the British to the American study pathway and vice versa?

Yes, this is possible but not necessarily encouraged.

Why not the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, IBDP, study option? 

We consider that by offering both the American and British study pathways, this provides students with considerably more flexible choice and individual progression.  We want to tailor learning to meet the needs of each individual, as opposed to a generic learning ‘one size fits all’ model. Additionally, our enrichment curriculum presents all students with the extended skills, personal meaning and wider enhancement opportunities to receive a rounded education outside of formal requirements to graduate.       

What does “blended” learning mean? 

Technology has become an increasingly fundamental part of education and will only continue do so.  We consider that blending a mixture of the best virtual learning provision and in person teaching helps to put students firmly at the centre of their own development and progress.

Will students gain work experience?

Yes.  This is one of the key aims of iCollege Barcelona to help arrange regular work experience opportunities for each student.  

Will students receive a computer device?

Yes.  Each student will be issued with a 2-In-1 convertible computer device and stylus pen that will allow them to use both as a laptop and a tablet to conduct all work. A student and guardian agreement/responsible user policy will be signed as part of the enrolment process.  Upon enrolment, email addresses, usernames and passwords will be generated. 

How much homework is set?

It is the aim of iCollege Barcelona to schedule regular Study Prep (homework) within each student’s individual timetable where possible on site.  Study Prep will be ‘chucked’ into smaller but regular times following evidenced based research.  The following below acts as a guide:  

At iGCSE and American High School Diploma level, students can expect to complete daily Study Prep of 1-1 ½ hours.  Within A-Level study, there is a significate increase in expectations – both in guided study (what work teachers set) and independent study (individual preparation and wider reading).  

My child doesn’t speak Spanish, does this matter?

No.  Spanish will be taught as an additional language for all non-native speakers. Please see more here:

What level of English is required to be accepted? 

In cases where the level of spoken and written English might not be at the appropriate age expectation, an individual action plan will be considered.  Please see admissions section here:  

What learning support is available?

iCollege Barcelona values all students that bring different learning experiences and strengths to their personality.  Interventions and additional support will be discussed and implemented where appropriate from a range of strategies and specialist professionals.      

American Pathway Questions

How will the American High School Diploma be taught?
Each student will have an online platform and all courses will be taught asynchronously by accredited learning providers in the United States. However, core subject courses (English, mathematics, Spanish and some social science subjects) will also be supplemented by in person iCollege Barcelona teachers on a weekly basis.

What is asynchronous learning?
Asynchronous learning is where students can start at different times and work at their own pace for credit and grades. Ideally suited to student athletes and any student who seeks a more flexible and individualised approach to learning.

Is the American High School Diploma fully accredited?
Yes. Students can gain a fully accredited American HS diploma, as if they were studying in the United States in person.

British Pathway Questions

How will British iGCSE and A-Levels be taught? 

Subject disciplines will be taught via a blend of synchronous online lessons from fully qualified learning providers/teachers and by in person iCollege Barcelona subject specialists on a weekly basis. Subject areas such as English, mathematics, Spanish, French and most humanities subjects will be taught by in person teachers at iCollege Barcelona where possible.      

Where will iGCSE and A-Level external examinations take place?

External iGCSE and A-Level examinations can be sat at the British Council in Barcelona where appropriate.  However, iCollege Barcelona is working towards becoming an accredited Pearson/Edexcel examination centre on site to make it more convenient for British study pathway students.   

What examination boards will iCollege Barcelona use for iGCSE and A-Levels?

Both the Pearson/Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations boards depending on the subject area.