American Study Pathway

American High School Diploma, 14-18 Years of Age

The American High School Diploma is a widely recognised benchmark of American school completion. Students are required to usually earn a total of 24 credits by the end of their studies to achieve an accredited High School Diploma.

Students need to study one credit each academic year in the following core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language and Social Studies. In addition, a wide range of elective classes can contribute to total credits. Students are graded on an overall Grade Point Average, known as a ‘GPA’, levelled on a 1-4 measurement (4 being the highest).  However, it is possible to achieve superior to a ‘GPA 4’ for exceeding work. The High School Diploma provides breadth and depth for different types of students to reach their goals. Highly suited for student athletes wanting to achieve academic success.

SATs and ACTs Prep

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The American High School Diploma is accepted worldwide and not just in the USA, as a prerequisite qualification for university.  This is usually accompanied with either ‘The Standardized Assessment Tests’ (SATs) or the ‘American College Testing Program’ (ACTs) test score.

We have designed the American curriculum pathway to help prepare students for the two principal college entrance exams (SAT or ACT) should they wish to apply directly to US universities.  Testing can take place externally throughout different times of the year depending on the circumstances of each individual student.

Honors and Advanced Placement

There is the possibility for students to undertake ‘Honors and Advanced Placement’ (AP) courses.  AP courses are studied in more depth and are particularly beneficial for university-bound students who wishes to demonstrate further ability in specific subject areas.  AP classes will be recommended on a case by case basis.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA

The American High School Diploma is ideally suited to student athletes who are wishing greater flexibility to complete their schooling.  The High School Diploma we provide is approved by the ‘The National Collegiate Athletic Association’ (NCAA). This approval is critical for any student athlete striving for academic success to attend and compete at College in the United States.

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