Spanish and Catalan Language

Language and Cultural Programme

The Spanish and Catalan Language/Cultural Programme is designed to provide both native and non-native speakers the chance to develop their language abilities, deepen their cultural experiences and to meet requirements set forth by the ‘Generalitat de Catalunya’.

Spanish national students (students that hold a Spanish passport) are required to continue to study lengua catalanalengua castellana and ‘sociales’ throughout compulsory secondary education.  This irrespective of whether they are pursuing British iGCSEs or the American High School Diploma.

We consider that learning Spanish for non-natives (students that don’t hold a Spanish passport), as a second language to be important throughout their education at iCollege Barcelona.  This can be achieved either via an iGCSE in Spanish or the completion of four semesters of Spanish, as a foreign language within the American High School Diploma.

Non-Spanish national students will also be offered the chance to learn Catalan, as an additional language should they wish depending on their circumstances and future ambitions.

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The Process of Homologation

The process of homologation for Spanish national students can be accomplished either by studying British iGCSEs and A-Levels or the American High School Diploma.

Homologation is part of Spanish Law and the recognition by the ‘Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya’ that a benchmarked level of secondary education has been achieved. Non-Spanish national students are not obligated to undertake the process of homologation but may wish to, depending on their circumstances.

Homologation ‘post compulsory’ secondary education is not necessarily required for entry into private Spanish\Catalan universities, but some state Spanish\Catalan universities, may still require the continued study of ‘lengua catalana’ and ‘lengua castellana’. Both British A-Levels and the American High School Diploma can be officially homologated for those students wishing to apply to Spanish/Catalan universities.