Learning and Teaching

iCollege Barcelona offers an exciting blend of international school learning and teaching opportunities set in an innovative learning environment.  Students will learn through a range of virtual and in person teaching, seminars, tutorials and wider outside enrichment experiences.

Learning Approach

As leading research indicates, learning is a complex multi-faceted process.  However, simply put, learning can be described as, ‘an interaction of the mind and the world with a change in long term knowledge and behaviour, as result of experiences.’

At the heart of iCollege Barcelona is our Learning Matrix.  We consider that the best way to develop excellences is by generating a learning profile picture of each student to establish their needs and study pathway.  This will be initially conducted by a combination of: subject attainment testing, cognitive ability testing, self-reflection reporting and English reading age assessments.

International students Barcelona
International students Barcelona

Once a learning profile picture for each individual student has been established, we want to enhance prospects to achieve higher attainment outcomes.  We believe this is best accomplished through:

  • An active process of meaningful and informed blended teaching from subject specialists   
  • That is built upon prior and continued knowledge and understanding
  • Which is scaffolded in authentic contexts to fit the needs of each student

Students will learn within a mixture of small seminar rooms, modern classrooms and open plan ambient working spaces.  This allows students to feel calm and composed to increase motivation, commitment, cognitive engagement and growth mindset.



We work with accredited international educational providers that deliver expert virtual synchronous and asynchronous learning.  All students will have their individualised online learning platform where work will be assessed, and regular feedback provided from qualified subject specialist teachers.

We also support students with ‘in person’ qualified specialist teachers to secure and strengthen learning in core subject areas, and wider enrichment activities.  We consider that our blended teaching model provides students with access to the best qualified and specialist teachers worldwide.

In addition, students will be assigned a learning mentor who will monitor overall progress and coordinate development with all stakeholders on a coherent basis.


Learning and Teaching

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

One of the many key aspects that sets iCollege Barcelona apart from traditional schooling is the innovative learning environment.  Students will access cutting-edge coworking innovation facilities to boost performance and personal empowerment.