iCollege Barcelona is a reimagined approach to international education for students to flourish with deeper meaning and innovative learning opportunities

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Students have the choice to either pursue the ‘American High School Diploma’ accredited pathway or the ‘British iGCSEs and A-Level’ qualifications pathway.

Both academic pathways are supplemented by our Enrichment Curriculum.  The process of homologation for Spanish national students can also be achieved by pursuing either study pathway.

We are open to working with students, families and professional academies who value progressive international education to find opportunities and solutions.

Please contact us at: info@icollegebarcelona.com

International School in Barcelona

Who is iCollege Barcelona for?

We are focused on students aged 14 and upwards who are seeking to make the mature development and eventual transition to university and beyond, as flourishing young adults. We seek to offer:

  • Flexible subject choice
  • Customised learning
  • English fluency development
  • Mentorship, fellowship and direction
  • University and careers guidance
  • Preparation for work
  • Personal empowerment
  • Cultural transmission
  • Preparation for citizenship
  • Networking opportunities

Please contact for more information: info@icollegebarcelona.com