Our Story

We are a group of passionate educational leaders who want to transform the lives of young people and make a positive impact on the world.

Through our experience, we consider there is a significant demand in young people, families and professional academics for more meaningful, personalised and forward-looking international educational prospects. We know that many young people are more resourceful in their abilities and outlook than the traditional school model provides.  This needs to change and we want to change it.    

At iCollege Barcelona, we value the enlightenment principles to maximise talents and pursue interests by offering quality customised and flexible learning pathways to suit the needs of each individual student. We consider there is a conceptual gap between how many traditional international schools operate in practice and how more progressive education could function with better innovation, imagination and motivation for each individual student to excel.

The pandemic confirmed the importance of in person teaching and peer collaboration, whilst also a sense of belonging to a supportive learning community. But equally, the pandemic has presented fantastic connections for students to increasingly learn in new exciting and innovative ways, outside of a stifled traditional setting. Simply put, students don’t need to go to a traditional school anymore to receive a world class education.

Thus, we are a reimagined approach to education that seeks to build a caring culture of excellences with customised and innovative learning opportunities. We consider that our ethos, personalised learning and teaching methods, flexible academic pathways, fulfilling enrichment curriculum and cutting-edge learning environment present the best conditions for all students to flourish.    

Ultimately, we want to challenge all our students to progressively learn to be their better selves and to enhance learning outcomes.